Weddings. I am absolutely terrified of shooting one. 1. If you mess up on the photos there are no ‘re shoots’. 2. So many things must be thought of – detail shots, close up shots, posed shots, group shots, shots, shots, and shots. 3. All the money and time invested in a wedding and how do people view this? Your photos. Can we say ‘Ohmygoodness’? How about that for pressure.

Lucky for me, there is such a thing called a ‘second shooter’. Second shooter is basically an assistant to the main photographer on a shoot. It could be a wedding, a commercial shoot, or even a family shoot.  In my case, I got to to shoot two weddings with the very fabulous and amazing Marielle Hayes this summer. Shooting these weddings with her, reinforce that I am no where ready for my own wedding. I plan on continue second shooting for weddings for at least 2 years before I take the plunge and go out on my own.

The wedding that I am going to share with you all here is Marielle’s little sister, Morgan’s wedding. This was an amazing wedding. The details, the candy, the location, and the gorgeous bride and handsome groom. For blog and pictures by Marielle on this wedding, click here.


Cake Pop

Thank YouM and D

Husband and WifeBrown Eyes

J and JLove


Old Time

Those little moments


To say I learned a lot is a complete understatement. I live for teaching moments from Marielle, whether it is just watching her work and give directions or asking her specific questions. She LOVES what she does. There is no doubt about it. And she rocks it too. The lady has talent, style, and is hilarious.


Marielle – Thank you for letting me shoot this wedding and Zach and Sophie’s wedding with you. I have had a blast and can not thank you enough.

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