2013 Recap

I am beyond behind in my blogging and I am even behind on getting my 2013 recap. Well, there is no time like the present!

2013 was a struggle for me in the photography world. I struggled with finding my inner passion and just pure love for taking photos while juggling the business side of the job. The business side brings me down. I will not lie. If I could I would just take pictures, but that isn’t how the world works.  2013 made me revaluate some things and I had to make some changes to my pricing structure and what I will or what I won’t take pictures of.

After I loaded all the pictures for this blog, I took a moment to go over them all. Wow. I was busy. And I really captured some great shots.  I got to meet some really amazingly nice people while I also got to recapture families I have had the privilege to photograph before. I took many photos of newborns only to discover that I am not cut out to be a new born photographer. I spent countless hours working with Reno Green Landscape and found that I do enjoy capturing the beauty of Reno.

Thank you to all the families and individuals that hired me this last year. I appreciate every single one of you.

I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for me!





WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-6


WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-14


WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-29


WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-10


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WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-3WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-27WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-22WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-35WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-31WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-43WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-45WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-28WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-34


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WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-9WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-32


WEB_vlemieuxphotography (1 of 1)-36

Mukavitz Sisters



It seems like ages since I have last blogged. I really need to try and stay up with it. If only I could freeze time so I could work on things like my blog. Anyhow. Lauren and Jenna moved in June. Sadface. But I got to see them for a quick hour to do a fun photo shoot back in September. Oddly enough it was raining during our shoot. They just moved to Seattle. Of course I teased them and said “You brought the rain with you! Jeez Thanks!”.  Besides being able to hang with them and joke around with them, their wonderful mom, Lisa, took some very fun behind the scenes shots of me. I barely have any of me photographing clients, so I thought I would do a little mesh up thing. I put the behind the scenes photo with the image that I took away from that moment. I don’t know about you guys, but I totally love “ America’s Next Top Model” and my faaaaaavooorrritte part is after you have watch the photo shoot and all the production that goes into one, you get to see the final image. Oh, how I just love the final images!! It is my favorite part of a photo shoot. I love the talking with a family and coming up with fun things to do for the pictures, but I simply can’t wait to get home and see what I got.

Lisa – Thank you again for taking those photos of me and I was so glad to have caught up with you and your girls.






Sisters on bridge

Backpacking The Lost Coast Trail

Dan and Val

For roughly 2 almost 3 years, Dan and I have been planning to take a backpacking trip on the Lost Coast Trail. The original plan was to just to the coast line – a 24 mile hike along the coast. But, as time and research went on, we decided to stretch our time and do a loop part of the trail. Our time on the coast is one we both will never forget.

Dan hiking on the beach

We had amazing weather, some difficult climbs, some laughs, a few bug bites, but most of all we found ourselves growing closer as a couple. It took us 4 nights and 5 days to do our trek and 2 days to build our book. Please click on the link and enjoy our beautiful journey. You need to click “Preview” to see the book. I recommend making the book full screen.

To View the book click here: Backpacking the Lost Coast Trail by Dan Newton and Valerie Lemieux

Some of you are having a hard time reading the words. Downloading the PDF version might help, if you desire to read what we wrote: PDF version of Backpacking the Lost Coast Trail

Sunset over the Ocean


It has been ages since I have blogged last. Just been a couple busy months and not enough sleep. But, my New Year’s resolution is to blog more. Okay..Okay.. it’s almost February, but hey, at least I am here.

Jumping Chris


About Chris. We met in French class this past semester. Just skip over that part about French class. I don’t like talking about it. Chris, on the other hand, is wicked smart, funny, and wanted some portraits done. He was up for braving the cold, changing clothes in the open, and for being plain ridiculous. A photographer’s dream! Here are my favorite from the session!

Chris on Bridge

 Office WarriorChris with a Tie on his head

 B/W Chris Chris

Chris by the riverSmiling

Chris Style

Scott and Charlize

Carolyn hired me to photograph her boyfriend and his daughter. It was a birthday gift for Scott. I was really impressed that a guy would be down for a photo session with his daughter. Then I met Scott and Charlize realized why a photo session with them would be a great idea. There is fun and there is Scott and Charlize. I was laughing the whole time I was with them.

Father and Daughter KissCharlize and Doll


Father Daughter LoveCharlize


Father DaughterCharlize (2)

Charlize and DadSeeing The World From Great Heights




Thank you Carolyn for hiring me and introducing me to Scott and Charlize. I had such a great time with all of you!!



I have this one family in my life that I have simply fallen in love with. I love it every time we meet up. They are down to Earth and fun to be around. If one of their children is crying during the shoot, it’s not a problem. If all 3 are crying, it’s pretty much a normal shoot then.

I did their family shoot back in November and now I have been slowly capturing each individual child for their birthday.


We were a little late with Kailey, but hey who doesn’t like a little belated birthday celebration.

For more pictures of Kailey’s shoot: Click Here


Thank you to Sean and Jen. You guys are simple the best and I love every time we get together! Can’t wait for our next shoot.

Jujubee plus a giveaway!

Children's Session Giveaway

A few weeks back I photographed Aspen for her LinkedIn page and for her author’s portrait. Author’s portrait? Oh yes! My photography is going to be in a book! Woohoo!! Score for me and double score for Aspen!

After some time passed and the realization that my name was going to be in digital print and hopefully in paperback one day, I did a little dance and decided I needed to send some support Aspen’s way. My solution: A children’s session giveaway!

The Taller Than Tall Tales of Bad Mamma Jamma & Jujubee (Unearthing Egypt) by Aspen Kuhlman

Details: If you have a kindle or an android phone go to amazon by clicking HERE or for your PC click here  or for Itunes to view on your ipad or iphone click here and purchase your very own amazing copy of The Taller Than Tall Tales of Bad Mamma Jamma & Jujubee (Unearthing Egypt) (for the price of $2.99). Once the book has been purchased, email me (val@vlemieuxphotography.com) a proof of purchase. That’s it.  Your name will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE children’s session ($75 value) plus the “print package 1” ($30 value entails 10 full resolution images and two 5×7 prints), a $105 value!

* Winner must have the session in Reno, Nevada, but if desired to have the session in Tahoe or Carson then a travel fee of $40 will apply.

Summary: This book is fantastic. I love the colorful pages, the characters, and the facts. Spread some Nevada love and buy a locally written book and maybe win yourself some free pictures of your children!

How to make Tulips Sparkle

Tulip Glitter

Do you ever have one of those days where you have a very long list that reads, “what needs to get done TODAY” and instead you carefully push it aside and do something completely opposite? If you just answered no, please feel free not to read any of the text in this blog and just look at the pictures. If yes, then you will know exactly how I feel and you understand why I decided that taking pictures of Tulips was a way better idea then my to do list.

I had just finished a fabulous sleepover with my Saturday Girls aka Msquared aka Mac and Masy. We watched some TV, surfed some internet, ate some Yogurt Beach, played “draw something”, and made it through a whole night without any fights, tears, or trauma. Success! Expect for the fact that I didn’t get much sleep. You are only young once right? Right? So, driving home I was thinking about that so called list and basically crumpled it up and tossed it out the window (don’t worry I didn’t really litter, I was just daydreaming this all up while focusing on the road).  A few days prior, Dan and I had seen this shot of tulips that I wanted to try and recreate. I remembered how I had a bunch of tulips at home and quickly (at a stoplight) I texted Dan that I would not be joining him in the “I get all my work done at the library and I am amazing and brilliant and smart” group, but will be joining the “I am slacking off but calling it being creative” group instead. He sent me back a smiling face text which basically means “phew, it will be much quieter here without her chatting mouth”. Don’t worry, I was not offended by any means because I for one know that I have a problem being in a building that is dedicated to being quite. First step is recognizing your problem.

Moving on..

I got home and began my ‘creative slacking off’.

The items I used to create this shoot where:

* Boom Stand

* Black Studio Paper

* 1 sb600 speed light with stand and umbrella

* one light stand with one hair claw

* one scrim

* 3 sets of tulips

* one spray bottle (filled with water)

* a whole bunch of glitter (my favorite)

* one Nikon magazine used as a mini scrim

* macro lens with wireless remote

No BackgroundAdjusting Paper

After collecting all of the items listed above, I began to step up my little studio. I used the boom stand that normally would hold up my scrim as a paper stand.

Behind boom standBoom stand holding paper

It worked beautifully, until I realized I had nothing to hold up my scrim. I felt slightly miffed on that one. But, every woman who has ever had long hair owns a hair claw. I used that sucker to hold up the scrim. Genius. I know.

Final LayoutTest Shot

Above is the final set up shot. I placed the books there for two reasons. 1. To mold the paper for it is real thick and I needed it to stay still and 2. To test the light. Therefore the book shot was one of my many test shots before diving into the tulips.

After doing some plain ol’ water bead shoots, I dug out my glitter and not only made the tulips sparkle I also proceed to make my home sparkle.

Double UpTriple UpWater DropsTriple Pre Glitter

Phone shot of glitter

RightLeftTriple With GlitterGlitter Splash

A simple slideshow showing the sequence of a Tulip going bare to glitter.


Test Shot (2)

I hope you have enjoyed my impromptu lazy Sunday project. I know I did. Dan said that I should buy one of those machines that when you step inside it blows money all around you, but instead of money I should fill it with glitter. Reason 452 on why I love him.

Instaproof Contest Winner Chicken Dinner

I have been using Instaproofs for almost a year now. I love them. I can keep a gallery up for as long as I want free of cost. I have tons of space and I find their interface to be quite easy to work with. I have yet to have any complaints from my clients as well.

Every year, they host a contest to find 20 new photos that they will use in different locations on their site. I entered at the very last moment with a shrug of my shoulders saying “doesn’t hurt to submit”. It doesn’t hurt to win either. I got a shock the other day when Instaproofs emailed me and said they picked one of my photos. They picked one of mine! I was beyond thrilled.

Please check out the rest of the winners here: Instaproofs contest


Ava and bubbles

Headshots with some Wings!

AspenJim (2)

A few weeks back I did some headshots of Aspen and Jim for their company So&So. We just spent the afternoon strolling around downtown. It was one of those gorgeous days expect for the fact that it felt like the wind was that were blowing from the tip of a glacier at an 100mph speed. But everyone kept their spirits up.


Aspen and Jim (2)Aspen and Jim

Aspen with wingsJim

Aspen and Jim were such a blast to photograph and Jim was the best sport putting up with Aspen and I’s ideas. But we ended up with some real different type of headshots/business photos that I just love.  My absolute favorite is when we stumbled upon the painted walls downtown and gave Aspen some wings!

I am so excited to say that Aspen used the first shot as the ‘photograph of the author’ for her children’s book that will be available soon from iTunes. Can’t wait to share her book!

After the business shoot, we said good-bye to Jim and hello to Aspen’s daughter, Ava. Ava is my little sunshine. I have known her for some time and though we don’t always agree on everything but she sure knows how to make me forget my worries.

Ava (4)Ava (2)

Aspen and Ava (4)Ava Jumping

Aspen and Ava (2)Ava (3)

Ava (5)Aspen and Ava

Aspen and Ava (3)Aspen and Ava (5)


Thank you again Aspen and Jim. I had such a great time freezing with you downtown.

Ava and Aspen – You two rock! and I just love you. Thank you for being so carefree with our windy shoot. It was just a blast to spend the afternoon with you both.